Video highlights of Super League Triathlon Malibu

(Photo: Super League Triathlon)

It was an exciting end to a busy month of SLT-racing. After three Super League Triathlons – Malibu being the fourth – it was Britain’s Georgia Taylor-Brown who won the overall SLT Championship Series. That was surprising, as it was her training partner and friend Jessica Learmonth who had been leading the series with a winning streak up until Malibu. In Malibu, Learmonth settled for fourth place, while Taylor-Brown took second behind winner Flora Duffy, who only joined for the final race of the series through a wildcard. In the men’s race, Britain’s Alex Yee sprinted to the series win; he was only a few centimeters ahead of Belgium’s Marten van Riel at the finish line. Let’s enjoy these exciting events once more through these inspiring video highlights below: