Frederic Funk shares bike data from Challenge Peguera-Mallorca

(Photo: Jose Luis Hourcade)

He didn’t note the fastest bike split, because that honor was for Nils Frommhold (GER), but Frederic Funk was right in the front the entire bike part of Challenge Mallorca. And he wasn’t done after that, because Germany’s rising triathlon star ended up running to a big win. With a three-minute advantage on his first chasers, Funk racked his bike and continued his attack. Today, a few days after his golden race, the German shares some impressive bike data.

Together with Frommhold, Funk was leading the entire bike part. While some men initially tried to grab their wheel, they all ended up fading off. Over a distance of 89,33 km, Funk averaged at a speed of 43 km per hour. That saw him note a bike split of 2:04:44 hour, the second fastest of the day. Frommhold was only a few seconds faster. At his maximum, Funk reached a speed of 73,4 km/h. These numbers are even more impressive considering the 1078 elevation gain of this course.

Funk managed to push 313 watts average and 337 watts NP. His pedal frequency averaged at 84 rpm. For a period of 17:20 minutes, Funk even reached a wattage of 403. The eventual winner had a maximum heart rate of 178 bpm and an average heart rate of 162 bpm.

After his hard effort on the bike, Funk ran a 1:12:35 half-marathon.