Frodeno inundated with questions about cadence, diet, alcohol, his age and more

(Photo: Instagram)

If you’re Jan Frodeno – the triathlon GOAT – and you have 497,000 followers on Instagram, you might what to reconsider posting a question “sticker” on Instagram. Frodeno asked his followers to ask him anything Kona, triathlon or diet related, and so they did… “Literally so many questions. Struggling to get through them all,” Frodeno said after his inbox had filled with thousands of questions. He selected a few to answer.

Race cadence

The first question he answers is about his race cadence. “Those of you who joined me on previous Zwift sessions would know it’s 92 (RPM, ed.). Almost always, except I feel like I’m dropping the cadence a little lately, but… Better drop the cadence than the watts.”


Lots of questions about the “veggie topic”, Frodeno continues: “I’m still ‘veggie’, but I do eat fish, so I think that counts as ‘pescetarian’.”

Sleep supplements

“No, I do not use any supplements to sleep,” he answers another popular question. “If I can’t sleep I do breathing techniques, that usually works for me. Count to four in and count to six on your way out.”

We bundled some other questions, which Frodeno answered with some funny supporting photos, below: