Margot Garabedian and David Castro Fajardo crowned World Champions Aquathlon

(Archive photo: World Triathlon)

France’s Margot Garabedian and Spain’s David Castro Fajardo earned the honor today to call themselves World Champion Aquathlon 2021. In the women’s race, Garabedian managed to stay well ahead of her fastest chasers – Sara Perez Sala (ESP) and Margereta Vrablova (SVK) – who took second and third. Castro Fajardo had a tough battle with Slovakia’s Richard Varga, who took second, only four seconds behind the winner. Spain’s Ander Noain Lacamara completed the men’s podium by finishing in third place.

After 1000 meters of swimming, it was Varga who was in the lead. Castro Fajardo followed within ten seconds behind him in second place, but because of a slow transition, he had to work hard to make up for a slower start to his race during the run part. Castro Fajardo had to give it his all to try and catch back up with Varga on the run. By running 14:53 – eleven seconds faster than Varga – Castro Fajardo eventually ran to first place. Noain Lacamara was a big mover during this final discipline. By noting a run time of 15:14 minutes he was the third-fastest runner – behind Castro Fajardo and Varga – of the day. Noain Lacamara’s run split saw him pass eleven athletes on the run. He finished 40 seconds behind Castro Fajardo. Castro Fajardo noted a finish time of 27:36 minutes.

In the women’s race, Garabedian was in front right from the start. Perez Sala finished the first discipline only one second behind Garabedian in second place, but she wasn’t able to keep up with Garabedian on the run. Garabedian ran 17:35 minutes on the 5k and stopped her watch with a final finish time of 31:41 minutes. Perez Sala needed 17:50 minutes to make it to the finish line and claim the silver medal (+0:20). Vrablova was with a time of 17:47 slightly faster than Perez Sala, but it wasn’t enough to run to second place. She settled for third (+0:29).