USA Triathlon hosts Remote National Championships

Photo: USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon has partnered with RemoteRacing and will offer Remote National Championships over the Olympic and sprint distances, allowing members to compete for a national title “regardless of where they live and train.”

The competitions will use RaceX’s simulation technology to “localize” to the courses used at the 2021 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee. There will also be “equalized” results that take in to account gender and age.

“RemoteRacing appeals to athletes of all types, from competitive to casual, by adding fun, variety and purpose to their training and enabling them to see how they stack up in advance of the 2022 event in Milwaukee,” says Victoria Brumfeld, USA Triathlon Chief Business Development Officer and Chief of Staff.

According to a press release from USA Triathlon today, “RemoteRacing uses patents-pending EnviroNorm technology and the Equalizer to normalize participant results based on their remote environment and terrain, localize racing environments to simulate onsite race outcomes, and create a level playing field for all participants by adjusting individual performances to account for the physiological differences due to age and gender.”

The program allows people to use their own location and all the differences in courses and environment are taken into consideration. The technology is also able to “detect abnormalities to prevent cheating.”

Registration is now open and the race window is from Nov. 11 to 21. Athletes have to complete all three disciplines in the race order and within the race window.

You can find out more about the Remote National Championships here.