Frederic Funk calls it a season: “My body didn’t want to cooperate any longer”

Frederic Funk after his victory at St. Pölten. (Archive picture: Triathlon Today)

Frederic Funk may be the new talent of 2021. Although he had some mayor ups this season, there were also some downs, he writes on Instagram while announcing that he won’t be toeing the line of Clash – formerly Challenge – Daytona this December. “I was motivated, and mentally it was all fine to pull the season even longer, but my body clearly didn’t want to cooperate any longer. I had fun ticking the boxes and making my Trainingpeaks green, but every single session was more of a torture than fun and that didn’t get any better.”

“On the swim and run I felt like I had to sprint to move forward, and on the bike I got cramped up after just two minutes in aero position”, Funk explains. “Maybe it would have gotten better, but it’s no sense to poker now for what have might have been my ‘B-game’ in the best case in three weeks. Not to mention the trip and costs.”

Funk looks back at a long season, referring to it as an “emotional rollercoaster”. “I had my highest highs as well as my lowest lows, but overall it was clearly a breakthrough season. Feels a little strange to cut it now without a final race, but it’s time for some well-deserved rest before we start to build for 2022.” Funk won the European Championship at Challenge Walchsee this year and two more Challenge Family races: Challenge St. Pölten and Challenge Mallorca.

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