Lucy Charles on WTCS Abu Dhabi: “Definitely put myself out of my comfort zone”

(Photo: World Triathlon)

With her eyes set on the Paris Olympics of 2024, Lucy Charles traveled down to the heat of Abu Dhabi to try and grab some points for her ranking. It was her first Sprint Distance, but not her first WTCS race, as the queen of Long-Distance racing was also present at WTCS Leeds, where she finished 5th earlier this year. She conquered the extreme heat in Abu Dhabi well, finishing in 12th place, but the position wasn’t really what it was all about. It was instead all about learning and trying out some news tactics, Charles explains in her video. The British athlete talks us through her race and her preparations leading up to WTCS Abu Dhabi.

“I would have been absolutely over the moon with a top ten, but it wasn’t really something I had thought about. I guess the position really isn’t important to be honest. It’s just that I went there, learned a lot, definitely put myself out of my comfort zone… this is a Sprint Distance, this sprint lasts less than an hour, and I’m a world champion at a race that lasts for four hours. So we can just go away and work on those skills.”