Ruedi Wild stops as a professional triathlete: ‘My last dance’

Ruedi Wild Instagram.

Last Sunday he finished second at Ironman Cozumel, won by Kristian Blummenfelt, and with a finish time of 7:36:35 the Swiss Ruedi Wild proved that he still has enough fitness to race at the highest level, but shortly after the race he announced his retirement as a professional athlete.

“Just minutes after crossing the finish line. Moments of relief, happiness and just being fully alive. For the first time in years I felt I have finally cracked the code of long distance racing – even more in hot conditions and as a bonus, from what I have heard, becoming the 3th fastest athlete ever on long distance behind Jan and Kristian. These are the emotions and moments we athletes are working for, that drive us, day in and day out, to give our very best.

The same time this finish line is always the start of something new. Time to reflect and then onto the next chapter with new goals, that drive our excitement and fill up our daily life. Moments of racing in Kona are vivid, but after denying the slot now definitely remain memories. Hell yeah, it’s time for something new. More infos will follow the next days.

Thanks for all your support, love and overwhelming messages – these make me think not to let you be sitting in the dark for much longer.”