Cameron Wurf runs sub-3 marathon with his dog

(Photo: Strava Cameron Wurf)

Running a sub three marathons is a big achievement for most people, but for pro triathlete Cameron Wurf it’s almost like “just another day of training”. No wonder that Wurf managed to run under three hours on 42.2 km though, he had the best support: his dog. Wurf is often spotted together with his dog, that also travels the world to cheer him on during most of his races.

On Sunday, the two ran a marathon together, and it turns out Wurf’s dog is in great shape too, because the duo averaged at a pace of 4:10 min/km, which comes down to a 2:55 hour marathon.

It’s not the first time that Wurf prepares for the next season by running a marathon early in the year. In 2020, he also ran a marathon in January. He didn’t only start this year with extreme distances, he also ended 2021 with a bang, as Wurf biked 150 km in 5:38 hours on the last day of the year. A few days later, the Australian spent 2:39 hours in the pool, swimming 10 km.