Pieter Heemeryck returns to former coach, parts ways with Frederik van Lierde

(Photo: Ingo Kutsche)

Belgium’s Pieter Heemeryck announced that after one year, he will now part ways with his coach Frederik van Lierde. As of January 2021, the 2013 Ironman World Champion coached Heemeryck, who himself is a very successful long-distance triathlete. However, the 2021 season turned into quite a disappointment for Heemeryck. That’s probably why he decided to return to his old coach: Czech’s Lubos Bilek. That also explains why Heemeryck’s first training camp of the 2022 season took place in Srni, Czech.

“I’m very grateful to have had the support and trust of Frederik van Lierde. Thank you ‘Fre’ for all your help and advice the last year”, Heemeryck – who won five Challenge Family races and the Challenge Family World Bonus in 2019 – said. “We’ll keep in touch. But it’s time for a new beginning with likely the last coach of my career”, he continues. “The last two weeks really felt like homecoming. Thanks Lubos for accepting me back in the squad. It’s time to make new memories.”

Heemeryck still has his sights set on qualifying for the Ironman World Championship on Hawaii.