Pro triathlete Patrik Nilsson shares exercises for a strong core

(Photo: Patrik Nilsson Instagram)

“It’s simple, but so tough… Not to say my execution is perfect, but I really enjoyed it.” Reigning Ironman European Champion Patrik Nilsson (SWE) shared a video on Instagram of himself doing four different core exercises, saying he completed them in a total of five rounds, doing ten repeats per exercise.

“Not sure what the exercises are called, but do it as below”, he says under the video (shared below). “Five rounds with one-minute rest in between each round. 10 ‘boat’, 10 touch feet, 10 touch heels, 10 seconds static.”

A strong core is a big advantage for triathletes, as it helps you float better in the water, push more power on the bike, and it will help you to be more stable and therefor faster on the run. It’s a good way to improve your performance, but also avoid injuries. We shared some planking exercises before, you can find those here.