Brownlees sign with BMC: “The relentless pursuit of being as fast as possible”

(Photo: Csansomphoto, Instagram Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee)

“Very excited to say I’ll be riding BMC bikes. I’ve been working hard on my position and aerodynamics in the run-up to the Sub 7 project and some big long distance goals this year. The relentless pursuit of being as fast as possible”, Alistair Brownlee just announced on Instagram. Not only the older Brownlee brother will be riding on a BMC bike as of now, so will Jonathan, who’s still active on the short distance. The Brownlees will not only ride on BMC, but the brothers also join the BMC Pro Triathlon Team.

The successful triathlon brothers signed the deal for a period of three years. For the last five years, Alistair and Jonathan rode on Scott.

While Alistair’s main focus will be on the Ironman World Championship in St. George and his Sub-7 attempt, Jonathan has confirmed to stick around in short-distance racing for a bit longer as he continues his journey towards the 2024 Olympics.

David Zurcher, CEO at BMC Swiss, commented: “BMC is proud to play a pivotal part on the world triathlon stage. Over the past decade, we have been able to celebrate major successes with our athletes and are looking forward to stepping up our commitment in the triathlon discipline while welcoming two absolute legends to the BMC family.”