Ben Kanute shares strength exercises for running: “Focus is on the push off of the big toe”

(Photo: Ben Kanute Instagram)

The “Landmine Ballistic Split Jump” and the “Levitation Lunge”. Two strength exercises that pro triathlete Ben Kanute demonstrates below. Both exercises are meant to help you improve your running, but even your overall performance as a triathlete, as it targets many muscles.

Landmine Ballistic Split Jump

“There’s a lot going on with this movement”, Kanute says about the Landmine Ballistic Split Jump, for which you’ll probably need to hit the gym if you don’t have a complete set-up at home. “While this looks like a primarily upper body movement, one of the main focuses is on the push off of the big toe. We call this the windlass mechanism, and it plays a huge role while running and has a lot of energy in it. The trick with this movement is to keep it moving quick and in control. You’ll also find that this is great for the core and stabilizing muscles as you have to keep good form, or the weight gets out of control”, he explains.

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The Levitation Lunge

The second exercise, the Levitation Lunge, can replace the Pistol Squat (where you put one foot in front of you while you go down). “Forget pistol squats and give these a try. It is a lot harder to “cheat” than a pistol squat. The weight is 15 lbs (ca. 6.8 kg) and used mostly as a counterweight. A step was used (in the background) as a progression when getting to the ground was more difficult. Still some things to clean up, but nice progress after only a few sessions”, Kanute says.