Matthew Hauser and Matilda Offord win Australian-dominated Oceania Triathlon Cup Devonport

Archive picture Matilda Offord (Instagram)

In a race where almost only Australian athletes were racing, Matthew Hauser and Matilda Offord just took the win at the 2022 Oceania Triathlon Cup Devonport. Over the Sprint Distance, both athletes did so by a fairly wide margin.

Hauser, along with compatriot Chris Deegan, was immediately the fastest swimmer of the day; he completed the 750 meters in the water in 8:01 minutes. In doing so, he immediately laid the groundwork for his eventual victory, which he claimed after 53:34 minutes. His compatriots Callum McClusky and Lorcan Redmond finished second and third in 54:10 and 54:18, respectively.

Offord, along with compatriots Sophie Linn, Lauren Kerwick and Maddison Yarrow also recorded the fastest swim time: 10:22 minutes. On the bike, a large group of ladies converged, but Offord was inimitable during the run, eventually finishing first after 1:01:53. Charlotte Mcshane and Sophie Linn finished second and third in 1:02:21 and 1:02:33, respectively.