Emma Pallant-Brown after DNF Clash Miami: ‘One of the scariest moments to date’

Emma Pallant-Brown didn't knew where she was anymore. (Picture: Instagram Emma Pallant-Brown)

She was the highest ranked athlete on the starting list, but during the run of Clash Miami things went completely wrong for Emma Pallant-Brown. Overcome by the heat, she had to lie down on the ground after only a few kilometers, not realizing where she actually was. Logically, she was taken out of the race. “This was a big warning sign for me and one of the scariest moments to date. And will definitely be heeding the doctors advice.”

Clash Miami was quite remarkable at the women’s race at least, with one woman after another dropping out under the harsh conditions. Ashleigh Gentle did not, however, as she managed to race very smooth and thus was able to win the race. Afterwards she named the race a ‘sufferfest’.

Jaryd Brown, the husband of Emma Pallant-Brown, was less lenient afterwards and blamed the Clash Miami organization on socials for organizing a race under these conditions. Striking detail; the men’s race, which was organized a few hours later in the heat of the day, did not have many dropouts.

Emma Pallant-Brown on the bike during Clash Miami. (Picture: Instagram Emma Pallant-Brown)