Kristian Blummenfelt’s after-race video: ‘Guess it’s good to get this slap in the face’

Where almost everyone was counting on a victory for Kristian Blummenfelt, it was ultimately Marten van Riel who won Ironman 70.3 Dubai two weeks ago. Blummenfelt faced a bad day, dropped to tenth place and is now looking back on his disappointing race at his socials.

“I’m disappointed how it ended, but I guess it’s good to get this kind of slap in the face two months out of St. George (Ironman World Championships, ed.). I just try to keep this as fuel for my trainings in the upcoming eight to ten weeks.”

In the video, from which Blummenfelt’s disappointment can clearly be seen, the Norwegian Olympich Champion indicates that he will keep evaluating the race. “I want to know what happened and want to change a little bit of my bike setup for example.” Pointing to his upper leg, he said he had too much cramping after cycling. “So I have to activate my hamstring more.”