Patrick Lange: ‘My shoulder is recovering quickly’

Patrick Lange. (Picture: Instagram)

After Patrick Lange had a bike crash during a training camp in Spain some weeks ago and had to undergo medical surgery, it now appears that the German is recovering surprisingly quickly. That’s good news for the former World Champion, because in early July he will return to Challenge Roth to defend his title.

“Soon it’s time to lace up the shoes again and go. My shoulder’s recovering quickly, so I am confident to go out again and run for the first time after surgery this weekend. Which is mindblowingly soon, just 2,5 weeks post surgery. Thanks to my team for helping me get back so fast and thanks to all of your positiv vibes here on social media – I have read all of it and it gives me so much more motivation!

I am impatiently waiting for the next ‘runners high’, absolutely missing that feeling of flying. I am ready for it and it seems like my ears are more than ready as well!”

Lange is really looking forward to defend his title at Challenge Roth.