Sara Pérez Sala looks forward to Challenge Gran Canaria at Anfi resort: ‘Here I feel better than at home’

Sara Perez Sala just before she crashed at Clash Miami. (Picture: Instagram / dilts_brian)

After Sara Pérez Sala had to deal with a huge disappointment when she rode her bike into a pylon and crashed when she was leading at Clash Miami, so that she had to abandon the race immediately, the Spanish top athlete is now eager for revenge during Challenge Gran Canaria. In the coming days she will enjoy – like almost all other professional athletes – at least some days at the Anfi Resort, where the race will take place this Saturday, and that feels very comfortable to her. “Here I feel better than at home.”

“This week it’s time to put on my race suit again. Although I won’t be resting much this week, I’m really looking forward to getting rid of last year’s thorn in my side here at Challenge Gran Canaria.”