Brownlee out of Sub7 attempt, Skipper to the rescue

Alistair Brownlee takes second at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2019. Photo: Kevin Mackinnon

“Honestly, I’m devastated.” An injury keeps Alistair Brownlee from being part of the Pho3nix Sub7 attempt this upcoming Sunday. “I was frustrated to miss St. George, and now this. I’m gutted. I was so invested in the process and loved working with my team. This was the goal that stimulated me again in the sport, on par with the Olympics”, he said.

Joe Skipper will take Brownlee’s place and therefor take on the battle with Kristian Blummenfelt in the men’s Sub7 attempt.

Since Ironman 70.3 Oceanside Brownlee has been dealing with an ankle injury, he later missed the Ironman World Championship in St. George due to illness, and then the next thing was thrown at him: a stress fracture in the hip. A similar injury keeps Lucy Charles from joining the Sub8 attempt. Last month, the organization announced Charles will be replaced by Kat Matthews.

Brownlee will still be present this weekend. He will pace Skipper during the swim and then join the livestream as a co-host.

Blummenfelt commented that he won’t take it easy on Skipper and that he sees him as a tough component. “It’s not going to get easier with Joe. He has a better Full-Distance resume and a higher world ranking than Alistair. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”