Kristian Blummenfelt: considerably slower than Cozumel, still impressive

Well, that's a champion! (picture Instagram Kristian Blummenfelt /

Kristian Blummenfelt crowned himself Ironman World Champion in St. George last Saturday. Late last year he also won Ironman Cozumel and he did so in a – later invalidated – “world best time”; no one was ever faster. How did those times compare to the times Blummenfelt now recorded in St. George?


In Cozumel, Blummenfelt finished after 7:21:12. That time was ultimately not accepted as the fastest time ever, because during the swim athletes had currents in the back for 3.8 kilometers. Blummenfelt now recorded a finish time of 7:49:16 in St. George and was thus 28 minutes slower compared to Mexico. Please note; times from different races are difficult to compare anyway due to the often completely different conditions.


In Cozumel, Blummenfelt recorded a swim time of 39:41 minutes. In St. George he swam 9:59 minutes slower; after 49:40 minutes, Blummenfelt climbed back onto dry land and headed for his bike. That equates to a still astounding speed of 13:04 minutes per kilometer. For the transition in T1, he needed 1:12 minute.


Blummenfelt completed his 180 kilometers in Cozumel in 4:02:40, good for an average speed of 44.51 kilometers per hour. It was clearly beforehand that the pace would be a little bit slower in St. George, because of about two thousand altimeters in the course. Nevertheless, the pace still was impressive; Blummenfelt took 4:18:43 for his ride, still good for an average speed of 41.74 kilometers per hour. For the second transition, he took 1:42 minute.


During the run, Blummenfelt still came closest to his running time in Cozumel. He recorded 2:35:24 in Mexico, while he now recorded 2:38:01. That equates to an average speed of 16.02 kilometers per hour and an average mileage of 3:44 minutes per kilometer.