Nina Eim wins European Championship Supersprint Olsztyn

She was clearly the strongest on the run: Germany’s Nina Eim just claimed the victory at the Europe Triathlon Championship in Olsztyn. Eim outran fellow German Lena Meissner, who ended up taking second, in the final stretch. Swiss Cathia Schär took the final podium spot, as she finished in third.

Eim found herself in the mix straight from the start, because after a strong swim she ended up leading the bike part with four other athletes. They weren’t able to stay ahead of their chasers, though. After a few kilometers, many other athletes found a spot in their leading group, making it around 20 athletes strong.

Fortunately for Eim she had a few matches left to burn during the run part. In the final meters on the bike, Eim, Meissner, Schär, Portugal’s Madalena Amaral Almeida and Swiss’ Nora Gmür managed to create a little gap to the rest of the field.

Once they got to hit the run, the two German athletes – Eim and Meissner – were off. Schär gave it her all to try to keep up with them, but wasn’t able to do so. Nearly the entire 2000 meters Eim and Meissner battled side by side, but with about 150 meters to go, Eim pulled off one last sprint, leaving Meissner behind. That means Eim took the win, Meissner finished in second and Schär claimed the final podium spot.