Super League Triathlon expands with late-season 2022 Championship Series

(Photo: Super League Triathlon)

The Super League Triathlon Championship Series will return this fall. From Sep. 4 until Oct. 29, 2022 athletes will go all out to try to win the five individual races, but most of all the overall series. While there are a few familiar events on the schedule, there are also two new races: one in Toulouse, France, and a Grand Final on a location that has yet to be announced.

Athletes will kick off their extreme Short-Distance adventure on Sep. 4 in London. On Sep. 11 mostly the same group of athletes will travel to Munich, Germany, for the next event. Only a week later, on Sep. 17, athletes are expected to toe the line in Malibu. On Oct. 2, Toulouse will host athletes for the fourth race. The series will conclude with the “Grand Final” on Oct. 29 (location TBA).

Last year, SLT first introduced their new team concept, that spreads athletes out over different teams that take each other on during the races. It took some getting used to this new concept, but SLT just expanded their team concept with a new type of team: a fan team, which is a team that’s managed by triathlon fans.