Fixing a flat tire with duct tape? It works according to this triathlete

(Photo: Facebook)

It’s one of those things that you don’t want to have to do just before a race, let alone during a race: fixing a flat tire. Triathlete Daniela Rajnai recently suffered a flat – just before an event – and since she rides tubeless, there wasn’t an easy quick fix. Fortunately, her dad knew what to do. “Last Sunday, my Dad saved me from a pathetic DNS”, Rajnai wrote on Facebook.

“I drove about an hour to a sprint Tri and as I was walking towards the Check In I heard that my front tire was loosing air, and it was also loosing so much tubeless sealant. I don’t carry spare tubes with me because I wouldn‘t get the tire off alone anyway. I thought I couldn’t start because of the puncture, but then my Dad had an idea: He asked one of the volunteers if they had duct tape, and so we taped my tire, and fortunately it did hold the whole bike course. So lessons learned: always carry duct tape with you”, she jokes.