Project Sub7/Sub8 details: What, when, where and how?

(Photo: Pho3nix)

They waited until the last moment to decide what exact day – Sunday or Monday – the Pho3nix Sub7 and Sub8 project would take place, but today the organization confirmed athletes will race on Sunday, starting early morning local time. Yesterday, Kristian Blummenfelt, Joe Skipper, Nicola Spirig and Kat Matthews already announced their target times per discipline and their overall expected finish time. Today, Pho3nix confirmed the livestream will start on Sunday 06:30 AM CET. We’ll have a closer look at all the details.

Livestream: where and when to watch?

The livestream – starting at 06:30 AM CET – is available for free through the Pho3nix YouTube- and Facebook account. While the women’s race kicks off at 7 AM, the men will start one hour later (8 AM) in order to have them finish around the same time.

The commentary of the livestream will be done by a big team of sports enthusiasts, among them: former Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack, also the injured Lucy Charles and Alistair Brownlee will play a role.

Race location

The race will take place on the Dekra Lausitzring, a famous race circuit near Klettwitz in the northeast of Germany. Athletes will swim from point-to-point in Lake Senftenberg, after which they’ll ride to the 5.85-km long race circuit. The rest of the race, both the bike and run part, will take place on the track.


Different from a normal Middle- and Long Distance, athletes will be allowed to draft. Each team gets to appoint ten pacers to use for the swim, bike, and run. Blummenfelt, Skipper, Spirig and Matthews all decided to use eight of these pacers for the bike part. A pacer doesn’t need to ride the entire 180K, though, because they are allowed to take turns. There are no further restrictions for the bike equipment, as long as there is no mechanical propulsion.