Confirmed: Ironman 70.3 Dresden cancelled, possibly postponed

(Photo: Facebook Ironman Germany)

Yesterday, the first “rumors” came out, and today these stories were confirmed: Ironman 70.3 Dresden – scheduled for the upcoming Sunday – won’t take place. The 2000 athletes feel frustrated about Ironman’s late communication concerning this matter.

A few weeks ago, Ironman changed their bike course, hoping to work out a permit for the 90K route along the B6 between Dresden and Meissen. Just like the previous two proposals, it was rejected by local authorities. That means Ironman had no permits to use any of the roads for their event.

In a press release, Ironman mentioned that they are still looking for an alternative date in September. “It is with great disappointment to share that the Ironman 70.3 Dresden race, scheduled for this Sunday, 31 July 2022, cannot take place as we had previously hoped. We are working with local authorities to secure a reschedule date in September and will provide further information as quickly as possible.” Ironman continues to say that athletes will be provided with an update by Aug. 5.

“Despite intense work together with local authorities towards the latest bike course change, through our further collective conversations and planning, we have determined that we are not able to appropriately implement the required standards for the route ahead of this weekend’s race date. Due to the late change, we are committed to providing options that allow for maximum flexibility for athletes in this difficult situation”, Ironman writes.

“We want to express our immense regret that we are not able to host you this weekend, and we share the frustrations of athletes who have not only been patient with our updates to the course, but who have been training hard for months to race with us this weekend. We are deeply sorry for the distress this causes.”