Africa Cup Tangier is postponed: “It makes us lose money and season planning becomes difficult”

(Archive photo: World Triathlon)

It happens more frequently since the global pandemic. Even though it doesn’t directly seem to have anything to with COVID-19, organizations struggle to get the right permits or enough volunteers, and that has led to quite some cancellations or postponements. The reason for the postponement of the African Cup in Tangier – one month prior to the event – remains unclear. The event was set to take place on Aug. 21, but will be moved to a later date, which hasn’t been communicated yet. On Instagram, pro triathlete Tanja Stroschneider, explains how frustrating this is for athletes.

“Want to know what’s frustrating?”, she starts off. “Losing 1000 euros for nothing, as a race – that you’ve already entered – gets postponed without mentioning any reason; me as an athlete being left to sit on the costs for flights and hotel, and not getting any refund at all. These things happen quite frequently… It makes us lose a lot of money for nothing, and doing some proper season planning becomes quite difficult. This is beyond frustrating, World Triathlon.”

Yesterday, news came out that Ironman 70.3 Dresden – scheduled for Sunday – would be cancelled too.