“Sunday’s Ironman 70.3 Dresden will be cancelled”, so far the 2000 athletes haven’t been informed

(Photo: Romy Louise van Schooneveld)

Sunday’s Ironman 70.3 Dresden will be cancelled, that’s what local German media outlet MDR, Frank Horras – head of one of the biggest German triathlon clubs, Tri-Familia, formerly known as the Hardtseemafia – and several other resources have stated. Ironman would not have the necessary permits for the bike course.

“On Monday, the organization had a meeting with the corresponding authorities, but without any success”, MDR states. Another meeting was scheduled for today, but there was no solution. On the contrary, authorities don’t allow the event to take place. That means the 2000 athletes won’t be able to race this weekend.

Horras just wrote on social media: “To all of those who plan to head to Dresden tomorrow for the race: I can recommend you to wait a little longer. According to my information – based on multiple sources – the event is cancelled.”

After the first two proposals for the bike course were discarded in the past few weeks, the organization came with a third proposal: a cycling route of 90K on the B6 road between the cities of Dresden and Meissen.

According to numerous other resources, authorities would have concluded at 3PM CET today that the race will not be allowed to take place. So far, Ironman hasn’t informed athletes about this decision. Earlier this evening, employees, who came to work for Ironman, were informed about the cancelation.