Lionel Sanders in preparation for home race at PTO Canadian Open [VIDEO]

(Photo: Talbox Cox / Instagram Sanders)

Only a few more days until Lionel Sanders will race for his home crowd at the PTO Canadian Open. Although, he jokes on Instagram that he’s not sure what country he’s racing for: America (where he lives), Canada (where he’s from) or Norway (where his coach is from). The Professional Triathletes Organisation followed the triathlete in the weeks leading up to this first race of the PTO Tour.

“I kind of replaced it with partying progressively more and then went that path for a few years”, Sanders looks back at a difficult period of his life, where sports was replaced with a much unhealthier addiction. “I had done that enough and was losing my sanity a bit”, Sanders fast-forwards to a few years later. “The only thing that was familiar to me, that I felt comfortable and competent at, was running.”