Henri Schoeman: “I’ve had the most testing last 13 months of my life”

(Photo: Instagram Henri Schoeman)

It’s been a challenging time for Henri Schoeman. After he had to miss the Olympics in Tokyo last year, due to an ankle injury, he now suffered a fracture in his arm. “I’m not sure what to say”, he started to break the news. “I’ve had the most testing the last 13 months of my life, as I’m about to start my first real block of racing, It looks like fractures in my left elbow and arm in a bike crash earlier today.”

“Tomorrow I’ll see specialists and get a full diagnosis”, he wrote a few days ago. Unfortunately, what Schoeman already suspected turned out to be true. The athlete will need to recover from a broken arm. He remains positives and picks up training again for as much as he can do already: “Starting some mobility training in the shoulder and arm. My Orthopedic surgeon gave me the go ahead to begin mobility and functional movements within comfortable ranges. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start. Three times physio treatments with laser included, lots of ice, and two times oxygen pressure chamber sessions”, Schoeman explains.

“With a broken bone, it’s best to act quickly. The first two weeks are crucial for callus formation. Up the vitamin D and calcium intake as well as collagen”, Schoeman says, referring to a sponsor. “My shoulder took a lot of impact and will need some rehab to get back to normal as well.”