New shoe voor Asics: Novablast 3

Asics has today unveiled its new Novablast 3 shoe. Combining a geometric origami design with the brand’s latest foam technology, the third generation of Asics’ cushioning trainer… ‘offers a bouncing running experience that keeps you lively and motivated on your run.’

The Novablast 3 running shoe’s midsole is now equipped with ff blast plus foam technology. With an extra millimeter added to the heel and forefoot, this new cushioning material is designed to offer a bouncy running experience, providing a more energized rebound in each step.

The new shoe is now approximately 22g lighter than its predecessor (Novablast 2). To further enhance the shoe’s fit and comfort, Asics’ Notch Tongue Construction, a wing construction, is incorporated in the tongue design.

The notch on the upper allows it to cradle the foot for an even distribution of potential pressure points and reduced tongue movement. The shoe’s heel is also reinforced with a more supportive design to help guide the foot with more control through the gait cycle.

Hisanori Fujita, Manager, Performance Footwear, Design department at Asics said “The team at Asics is beyond excited about the launch of the Novablast 3 shoe.

“With design evolution and the latest technology, this new generation offers an even bouncier running experience and better support. As part of Asics’ mission to help everybody experience the power of sport on body and mind, the shoe can equip you for a more active lifestyle.

“The bouncy running experience this new shoe delivers will certainly keep you motivated in achieving a sound mind in a sound body through exercise.”