Cameron Wurf reflects on 2022: “Unexpected highs, whilst falling short in triathlon ambitions”

Cameron Wurf reflects on 2022: "Unexpected highs, whilst falling short in triathlon ambitions" (Photo: Instagram Cameron Wurf)

“It’s been a year that’s delivered many unexpected highs, whilst also seeing me fall short in my personal ambitions in triathlon.” With Kona ticked off, the season nearly comes to an end, and for Cameron Wurf – 11th at the Ironman World Championship – that means it’s time to reflect. What has his 2022 athletic year been like?

“Being a part of Dylan’s Roubaix win is the highlight of my sporting career thus far across the three sports I’ve competed in internationally”, he looks back, highlighting a cycling victory with the team. “Let me be clear, I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of my teammate’s wins. Roubaix was uniquely special due to the way in which the team took the race on and the way that Dylan finished it off”, Wurf explains.

“The end of one season means turning the page on whatever’s transpired. On the flip side, it also gives you a clean sheet and fresh set of downs, for the season that lies ahead. I’ve learned a lot”, he continues. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have done the wide range of things I never imagined having the opportunity to do. Failing to achieve some of my personal targets in triathlon only fuels the fire to improve and bounce back in the future.”

“Being a professional in two sports at the highest level is an absolute honor and a privilege. In 2023, I’m determined to improve and be a better teammate. At the same time, I’m determined to manage myself, my increased obligations, and maximize the opportunities I get in triathlon. Bring on the new season.”