Sandra Dodet takes the day at World Triathlon Cup Vina del Mar

Sandra Dodet takes the day at World Triathlon Cup Vina del Mar. (Photo: Screenshot Livestream)

Sandra Dodet just rushed to the victory at World Triathlon Cup Vina del Mar in Chile. The French athlete attacked during the run, after she got off the bike amidst the big lead group. Dodet ended up sharing the podium with America’s Gina Sereno and Venezuela’s Maria Carolina Velasquez Soto, who ended up in second and third.

After the swim part, a group of ten reached T1 simultaneously, led by France’s Lea Coninx, who hopped onto the bike in first position. On the bike, there were quite some changed in leaders and groups, with a small lead pack of five starting off in front. It didn’t take long before that group shrunk to three, as two athletes crashed in a corner. On the climb, the field split up, but before T2 they ended up merging back together into a group of around twenty athletes.

Once she started the run, Dodet was off. The athlete ended up leading after a few hundred meters, while a group of eight tried to hunt her down. The French athlete was on fire, though. There was no stopping Dodet anymore: after 57:13 minutes, she crossed the line as the winner. Sereno took second only a few seconds later, and Velasquez rounded the podium.