How seriously – or not seriously – does World Triathlon take its own races?

World Triathlon (Picture: Wagner Araujo)

We live in 2022, almost 2023. Almost all triathlon organizations are investing massively in good timing systems for their races. Not only athletes themselves want to know the final results immediately after the finish, but also spectators, family, friends and just as important: the media. Somewhat remarkably, World Triathlon published race results particularly often this year only more than 24 hours after the race.

This weekend was no exception at the Oceania Triathlon Pacific Island Championships Nadi (won by Jett Lee Curteis and Manami Iijima) and the Asia Triathlon Cup Manama (won by Gabriel Sandör and Alissa Konig). Of course: these are not the biggest or most important races, but still they are races at an international level. In 2022, it shouldn’t be possible for results then to be online only 24 hours after the finish. In doing so, no distinction should be made between the largest WTCS and World Cup races and the smaller – often European Cup – races.

It happened quite often in 2022 that World Triathlon did not – and in one case did not even – publish results on its own website. This resulted in no media coverage and thus honorless victories for the athletes who fought so hard to win the races.

There is some work to be done for 2023.