WTCS men’s: seasonal stats

WTCS (Picture: World Triathlon)

WTCS races are Olympic Distance and Sprint Distance races, all at the very highest level in the world. The speed is immense, the excitement often unprecedented. World Triathlon has shared some interesting stats about the WTCS men’s competition, which we’ll use down below:

Seasonal stats

By the end of the 2022 Series, France would be the season’s most successful country, scooping no fewer than 8 medals in total including two golds (Leo Bergere and Vincent Luis), three silver (Bergere, Luis and Paul Georgenthum) and three bronze (all Bergere).

The next best nations were Great Britain and New Zealand with half that number, their four medals all won by the same two athletes, Alex Yee and Hayden Wilde. In all, eleven different nations were represented on the men’s podium across 2022.

The USA had the deepest squad, fielding 10 different men throughout the nine events, Japan, Great Britain and Germany all with 8 male starters at Series level, while Netherlands can boast the youngest man to start a WTCS in the season, Mitch Kolkman, who was just 18 years-old as he stood on the 2021 Hamburg start line.

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