Aleksandr Sorokin pulverizes own 100km world record

Aleksandr Sorokin smashes world record 100km (Picture: Instagram Sorokin)

6:05:35: That is the time Lithuanian ultra runner Aleksandr Sorokin needed to run 100 kilometers. With that time, the 41-year-old runner smashed his own world record, which stood at 6:09:14.

These are speeds the average athlete – at least for a distance over 100 kilometers – cannot imagine. In fact, Sorokin ran an average speed of 16.41 kilometers per hour, which in turn equates to 3:39 minutes per kilometer. This means a marathon time of 2:39, but then Sorokin still had to run 58 kilometers more.

Sorokin broke the world record in his home country: the race took place in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius. A street course was laid out where participants ran laps of 1644 meters. Three altimeters were overcome per lap.