Rudy von Berg out of action for weeks after crash with car

Archive picture Rudy von Berg (Activ'Images)

American Rudy von Berg, who was considered the biggest favorite for next Sunday’s Challenge Cagnes-sur-Mer, will not start: he was hit by a car during a training this week, breaking both a collarbone and finger. “Another victim of a bad driver who suddenly turned off without using his blinkers”, he said.

It’s a big disappointment for Von Berg, who says he won’t be able to swim and/or run for at least six weeks. This not only jeopardizes his short-term races, but also, for example, the World Championships Ironman in Nice (Sept. 10, ed.).

Von Berg was hit on the course that will be used at the World Championships IM in Nice in three months. “I was going downhill pretty fast on a false flat section when the car suddenly turned off. All the impact landed in my shoulder and I landed on my feet.

“At first I felt like I was OK, even though I was a bit in shock, but the X-ray at the hospital revealed a broken collarbone and finger.”