USA Triathlon Launches Revamped High School Program

Picture: press release USA Today

USA Triathlon today announced the launch of its High School Program, an initiative advancing the organization’s efforts to grow multisport participation and opportunities for high school-aged and youth athletes in 2023 and beyond.

The revamped High School Program will introduce triathlon and multisport to high school-aged athletes across the United States and includes more support, scalability, and sustainability to become one of the best platforms for supporting high school-aged athletes in the U.S.

“The High School Program will introduce the many benefits of multisport to high school students, giving them the opportunity to form a club with their peers and experience the camaraderie of learning and competing in the sport together. Multisport also helps young adults develop other skills that are not on the field of play – sportsmanship, balancing academic activities, leadership and mentorship,” said Tim Yount, USA Triathlon Chief Sport Development Officer. “We encourage leaders in the multisport community to get involved as talent scouts and help build a High School program that will lay the foundation to grow the sport years to come.”

The High School Program focuses on introducing the sport to new triathletes through non-draft super sprint and sprint formats for triathlon, duathlon (run-bike-run), aquathlon (swim-run), aquabike (swim-bike), off-road triathlon and duathlon and winter triathlon. State-based talent scouts across the U.S. will assist in the growth and connection of the high school multisport community, assisting new startups, promotions and education, and developing a race calendar for high school programs through work with area race directors. Interested individuals can volunteer to become a talent scout today.

As part of the USA Triathlon High School Program, new USA Triathlon High School Clubs will receive free club registration, 10 free USA Triathlon youth annual memberships and a stipend. Existing USA Triathlon High School Clubs can also receive 10 free youth annual memberships and more support from USA Triathlon.

To learn more and start a new USA Triathlon Club, click here. Adult USA Triathlon Clubs are also encouraged to add a High School division to their existing clubs, offering an opportunity to welcome new athletes and grow their high school-aged demographics.

To help support the USA Triathlon High School Program, race directors across the country are encouraged to add a high school wave to their existing sprint-distance races and to keep registration fees low for this division of athletes.

Those interested in the High School Program can email USA Triathlon’s Chad Cunningham and Tim Yount at and To learn more about the USA Triathlon High School Program click here.

Commitment to Grow the Sport at High School and Youth Level

USA Triathlon’s continued efforts to grow multisport participation and opportunities for high school and youth athletes in 2023 and beyond also include the following: 

  • USA Triathlon offers its Youth and Junior Premier Membership for youth and teenage athletes that is valid from the date of purchase until the athlete’s 18th birthday. With a host of benefits at a one-time purchase price of only $25, USA Triathlon’s Youth and Junior Premier Membership is designed to encourage current and aspiring athletes to remain or become a part of the multisport community throughout their youth and junior career. 
  • USA Triathlon Nationals now combines the longstanding Age Group National Championships, which includes the Sprint- and Olympic-Distance Nationals, and Zone3 Youth & Junior Nationals into one combined event. Zone3 Youth & Junior Nationals brings together youth triathletes ages 7-19 for participation-based youth racing and junior draft-legal racing. Qualification is not required to participate in the youth age group races, which are open to athletes ages 7-18 (previously limited to ages 7-15). Youth & Junior Nationals also includes paratriathlon divisions and a dedicated racing category for athletes with an intellectual impairment.
  • Each USA Triathlon State Championship event also includes the High School State Championships, offering high school aged triathletes and high school triathlon clubs the opportunity to race together at a local USA Triathlon Sanctioned race.  
  • USA Kids Tri initiative: Supported by the USA Triathlon Foundation, USA Kids Tri supports grassroots youth programming and connects local events, race directors, coaches and clubs across the country that are increasing triathlon and multisport opportunities for current and prospective youth athletes. The program has launched in three markets — Pennsylvania/New Jersey, Dallas and Phoenix. 
  • The USA Triathlon Foundation awards grants to youth race directors, coaches, clubs and organizations and the USA Triathlon Foundation Pillar Grants support programs and individuals who encourage youth participation and inspire pathways to access and inclusion.
  • The new USA Triathlon Kids Magazine is printed and delivered twice a year to all 7–12-year-old USA Triathlon annual members. The magazine includes stories, resources and games designed specifically for young multisport athletes. To get involved and submit content for the USA Triathlon Kids Magazine, email
  • For every USA Triathlon adult annual membership extended, renewed, or purchased during USA Triathlon’s annual “You Buy, We Give” campaign, USA Triathlon donates a youth membership back to the multisport community.
  • The 2023 Splash & Dash Youth Series includes more than 50 events across the country. The series introduces youth athletes between the ages of 7 and 15 to multisport through the unique discipline of aquathlon (swim-run). With a focus on participation and fun, rather than competition, many of the events are not timed. USA Triathlon will host free Splash & Dash events at the Legacy Triathlon (July 15-16, Long Beach, Calif.) and USA Triathlon Nationals (Aug 4-6, Milwaukee, Wis.).