Challenge Roth 2024: registration opens today at 10:00 a.m.

Solar Hill went crazy at last week's Challenge Roth (Picture: FB Challenge Roth)

You have at most two or three minutes to sign up for next year’s Challenge Roth: this morning online registration opens for the 2024 edition, and guaranteed that the approximately six thousand entry slots will be sold out within only a couple of minutes. ‘Fingers crossed’ for athletes hoping to secure a slot today.

Challenge Roth took place last week and both the men’s and women’s world records were broken. The next day, traditionally, the first slots for 2024 were sold; as always, enthusiastic athletes stayed in a long line the night after the race, waiting to get their entry the next morning.

This morning – July 3 – digital registration opens. Every year, Challenge Roth sells out within minutes. Register and/or more information via this link.