Hayden Wilde and Cassandre Beaugrand retaliate after WTCS Grand Final with win SLT Malibu

Hayden Wilde wins SLT Malibu (Picture SLT)

Last week, Hayden Wilde and Cassandre Beaugrand were perhaps the biggest favorites for the win at the WTCS Grand Final in Pontevedra, but both failed to live up to it. Wilde suffered a time penalty, among other things, and Beaugrand came up short during the run. This weekend they got sporting revenge by winning the SLT Malibu.

Athletes had to race the ‘Eliminator’. All athletes completed an ultra-short triathlon three times in a row and every time in the order swim-bike-run. Between the heats there was a short break each time. Athletes who come in too far behind (90 seconds, ed.) were eliminated from the race.

Men’s results

Wilde showed right from the start that he wanted only one thing: to win. In the first heat he managed to take the win right away, staying ahead of Léo Bergere and Kristian Blummenfelt, among others. In the second heat, Wilde stayed ahead again, this time together with Henri Schoeman, while Alex Yee finished third at just under nine seconds. Heading into the third heat, Wilde’s lead was at least comfortable: nine seconds on Bergere, 11 seconds on Schoeman, 16 seconds on Blummenfelt and 17 seconds on Yee and Vasco Vilaca. In the third heat Bergere and also Matthew Hauser did get closer, but Wilde’s lead was already big enough to claim the final victory.

  1. Hayden Wilde (Scorpions) 14:31
  2. Leo Bergere (Eagles) +3.3
  3. Matthew Hauser (Eagles) +7.6
  4. Henri Schoeman (Scorpions) +12.7
  5. Vasco Vilaca (Eagles) +16.1

Women’s results

In the first heat, Beaugrand immediately took the lead by crossing the finish line first, but during the second heat, Emma Lombardi and Jeanne Lehair were faster, eventually allowing Beaugrand to start third in the final, decisive heat. During the swim in that heat, Beaugrand quickly joined Lombardi, while Lehair just missed the connection. The two compatriots – Beaugrand and Lombardi – arrived in T2 with a fine lead and during the decisive run it was then Beaugrand who ran seemingly easily to victory.

  1. Cassandre Beaugrand (Scorpions) 15:53
  2. Emma Lombardi (Eagles) +8.7
  3. Jeanne Lehair (Eagles) +12.5
  4. Beth Potter (Sharks) +19.0
  5. Katie Zaferes (Warriors) +25.4
Cassandre Beaugrand wins SLT Malibu (Picture SLT)