Watch it live: Super League Triathlon Malibu

Super League Triathlon Malibu (archive picture SLT)

After London and Toulouse, Malibu is tonight’s setting for the third Super League Triathlon race of the season. The women will kick off at 10pm CEST, followed by the men at 11:20pm CEST.

Tonight’s format is the ‘Eliminator’. All athletes complete an ultra-short triathlon three times in a row and every time in the order swim-bike-run. Between the heats there is a short break each time. Athletes who come in too far behind (90 seconds, ed.) are eliminated from the race.

The time differences created in heats 1 and 2 are used in the third heat at the start: the fastest athlete leaves first, chased by the athletes who thus fell behind in the first heats. The winner of the third heat, wins the race.

The race can be watched live for free here.