IM World Championship: your predictions, our predictions, male pro athletes predictions

Chelsea Sodaro after winning Ironman Hawaii (Picture: James Mitchell)

Who will win today’s Ironman World Championship on Kona? Will it be defending champion Chelsea Sodaro? Will Lucy Charles-Barclay finally step up for her first victory or will it be Anne Haug or Daniela Ryf? Or should we think more outside the box and is it going to be one of the many outsiders?

On Instagram, we asked for your predictions. In this article you will find not only your predictions, but also those of us – Triathlon Today – as well as those of Sam Laidlow, Patrick Lange and Magnus Ditlev, who themselves were on the podium at the men’s Ironman World Championship last month.

Predictions readers Triathlon Today:

  1. Kat Matthews
  2. Daniela Ryf
  3. Taylor Knibb
  4. Anne Haug
  5. Laura Philipp

Predictions Triathlon Today editors:

  1. Anne Haug
  2. Lucy Charles-Barclay
  3. Kat Matthews
  4. Laura Philipp
  5. Daniela Ryf

Predictions Sam Laidlow, Patrick Lange and Magnus Ditlev: