Cádomotus joins Challenge Family as Official Triathlon Bag Partner

Challenge Family and Cádomotus partner up

After multiple new announced partnerships with Quintana Roo and X-Bionic among others, Challenge Family has today announced a multi-year partnership with Cádomotus as the new Official Triathlon Bag Partner of the global race series. Embodying a shared passion for excellence and innovation, this partnership brings together two leaders in the triathlon world. Challenge Family athletes can take advantage of the specially crafted Cádomotus triathlon bag collection, designed to meet the diverse needs of athletes across various events and training regimes.

“Being a relatively new brand in the triathlon world, Cádomotus brings a rich legacy and innovation from the speedskating sport to triathlon. Our background in speed skating has given us unique insights into designing high-quality products tailored for triathletes,” said Diederik Hol, owner of Cádomotus. “Take, for example, our transition bags with external pockets, which help keep the inside clean, or our cycling shoes with a carbon base concept, inspired by ice speed skating shoes. With these advanced products, already used by top triathletes like World Champion, Rico Bogen, we are constantly seeking effective ways to reach and inform the triathlon market. Our partnership with Challenge Family represents a perfect synergy in this quest. We support the Challenge Family and have specially designed a collection of exceptional athlete bags for them. These bags, chosen by the race directors, are supplied by us, and our investments are reinvested into their events. This offers us not just more communication opportunities through their social media and newsletters but also provides a direct benefit to the participants of the Challenge race. Every athlete participating in a Challenge Family event gets the chance to experience these high-quality, functional products, undoubtedly enriching and enhancing their race experience. This is a true win-win situation where both Cádomotus and the Challenge Family community benefit.”

“We have experienced the quality of the Cádomotus triathlon bags first hand at Roth over the last couple of years and we are now delighted to extend the relationship for the benefit of athletes through the series,” said Challenge Family CEO, Jort Vlam. “We look forward to working with the team and our races to create the most ideal and practical solution for their race and training needs.”