Lucy Charles-Barclay calls for end to inappropriate comments after race reveal

Lucy Charles-Barclay wins world title Kona (Picture: Ironman / Getty Images / Media Box)

Earlier this week, Lucy Charles-Barclay announced she will focus on the PTO T100 series this year and not defend her Ironman world title. It apparently met her with inappropriate comments, because now the top British athlete is making the call to stop sending these messages.

“I hold both the PTO and Ironman in high regard, and I believe that each series provides incredible opportunities for professional athletes. It’s truly an incredible time to be involved in our sport, as both brands contribute significantly to its growth and excitement.”

Charles-Barclay goes on to say that her choice apparently sparked a discussion about whether to choose between Kona and Nice or Ironman or PTO. “My intention was never to take sides in the politics surrounding these events or organisations. I simply wanted to make decisions based on where I felt I could perform my best and contribute positively to the sport.”

Finally, Charles-Barclay explained that it is simply impossible to combine both PTO and Ironman races because there would be too many times to peak. “It is unrealistic to expect to perform at my best across such a demanding schedule, not to mention the heightened risk of injuries. Attempting to complete in both the T100 series and the IM World Championships in Nice, for me personally, would be too much of risk and likely lead to a lot of average performances or worse case, injuries. Lastly, the decision was made based on the course in Nice, purely strategic and personal.”