[Poll] Lucy Charles doesn’t defend IM World Title, does this mean the end of IM World Championship?

Lucy Charles-Barclay as the IM World Champion (Picture: Holly Lawrence, collage Triathlon Today)

Lucy Charles-Barclay wrote history late last year by finally winning the Ironman World Championship at Kona. With that, a long-cherished dream came true for the world-class British athlete. Earlier this week, however, Charles-Barclay dropped a bombshell during the presentation of PTO-races, by confirming that she will not defend her title in Nice this year because she wants to only defend it on Kona (and thus in 2025, ed.).

We asked you guys if you think this is the end for the Ironman World Championship. 20 percent of you think so; according to 1/5th of you, Nice would be better disbanded as a World Championship venue and only Kona should serve as the location for the IM World Championships.

However, a much bigger part of you think it’s not that bad: 50 percent think there will be enough other strong women racing in Nice and believe that even a World Championship without Lucy Charles-Barclay is interesting enough. 12 percent of you are a little more cautious and want to wait and see which other pro women might follow.

According to 18 percent of you, LCB’s statement is tough, but mostly meaningless.