Chris Nikic racing the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii

“Chris Nikic has just been given the opportunity to go to Kona, Hawaii, to do the Ironman World Championship,” said Chris Nikic’s guide Dan Grieb, right after the NBC and Ironman documentary on Nikic that aired today, Now we will get to enjoy seeing the first athlete with down syndrome to ever finish an Ironman in action again at this year’s Ironman World Championship. It is a race that only a lucky one percent of all triathletes in the world get to enjoy and now Nikic is one of them. Once again he’ll give his all to get one percent better every day over the next 10 months, he says in the announcement.

“Amazing production,” Grieb, who is also Nikic’s coach, said after the documentary on NBC. “We are thankful for all those at Ironman and NBC for all the hard work to put this together. It’s an honor to represent the Nikic family as Chris’ guide. And it’s an honor for the Nikic family to know that we did a lot for the down syndrome world. We have a special announcement to make: Chris what do you want to tell the world? Where are you going to be in October?” his coach asked. “Kona, Hawaii,” the 21-year-old hero said with a twinkle in his eyes.

KONA 2021, gravy baby!

Congrats. Chris Nikic Nik Nikic Dan Grieb Woop woop!

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