Ironman CEO Messick gives “corona update” – comments are devastatingly critical

Ironman CEO Andrew Messick updates on the current situation.

As the triathlon community looks forward to the first races of 2021 and hopes to get back to some sense of normal racing, Ironman CEO Andrew Messick gave a video update on the situation, the corona measures and what he expects of 2021. “We all want to go back to racing. I want to go back to racing; you want to go back to racing. So, let me tell you how we’re thinking about it and what we are trying to accomplish.”

In a four-minute video, which you can see below, Messick then explains his view of the situation. Following that, however, are hundreds of comments from outraged athletes, who blame Ironman for how they have handled the past year in terms of refunds. You will find some of these comments below the video:

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