Lucy Charles confirmed to race Challenge Miami, first 30 participants announced

(Photo: José Luis Hourcade)

Race date is approaching and Challenge Miami (Mar. 12, 2021) keeps announcing more star participants. While we were already excited about a tough race with Lionel Sanders, Ben Hoffman, Anne Haug and Paula Findlay at the start line, the organization just added another impressive name to the list: Lucy Charles.

Challenge Miami is maintaining the drama, too, saying there are still more names to be announced, but the first 30 participants – including the five mentioned above – are now confirmed:

– Sarah Crowley (AUS)
– Skye Moench (USA)
– Rudy von Berg (USA)
– Timothy O’Donnell (USA)
– Carrie Lester (AUS)
– Matt Hanson (USA)
– Jackie Hering (USA)
– Sam Appleton (AUS)
– Lesley Smith (USA)
– Thomas Davis (GBR)
– Fenella Langridge (GBR)
– Magnus Elbaek Ditlev (DEN)
– Alissa Doehla (USA)
– Jackson Laundry (CAN)
– Taylor Reid (CAN)
– Lauren Brandon (USA)
– Elisabetta Curridori (ITA)
– Eric Lagerstrom (USA)
– Angela Naeth (CAN)
– Kelsey Withrow (USA)
– Danielle Lewis (USA)
– Jodie Stimpson (GBR)
–  Lisa Becharas (USA)
– Meredith Kessler (USA)
– Andrew Starykowicz (USA), who’s back racing as of Jan. 1, 2021 after a suspension

Just like at Challenge Daytona, triathletes will race on a Nascar Speedway over a unique, middle-distance race that includes a 1,600 m swim, 62.7 km bike and 16.9 km run.