Count down to Challenge Taiwan race day: “Sharing love and developing triathlon”

(Photo: Challenge Taiwan)

This weekend over six thousand athletes will start at Challenge Taiwan. Race organizers look forward to an amazing event that will share an important message with the world, says Jovi Lo, CEO of Challenge Family Asia-Pacific: “Because of COVID-19, we have all come to understand more about how to live your life and how important it is to cherish the people around you. Our Challenge Taiwan core value is sharing love, developing triathlon and to let the world see the beauty of Taiwan”

“Create your own story” is the theme of this year’s event, Lo explains: “We started to return to family life and looking for an attitude of self-realization. We are very dedicated to promote triathlon as a wonderful sport, together with the Taitung government, and we want to become the largest triathlon event in the Asia-Pacific region.”

Unfortunately, due to travel complications, there won’t be any pro’s racing on Sunday. With over 6,000 enthusiastic triathletes on the start list, Challenge Taiwan is convinced the atmosphere will be great nonetheless. “It will be a weekend to remember,” the organization states. “At Challenge Family, it’s all about family and we want to enjoy the sport together. The level of the athlete doesn’t matter at all: everyone is important for us and a great race has been organized for every athlete. These are the values we like to express with Challenge Taiwan.”

“We all look back on a strange year in which a lot of people agree that we were not able to do everything we would have liked to do,” Lo continues. “At the same time we showed our strength by organizing the Challenge Taiwan 2020-edition at the end of last year and this coming weekend we are even going to top that. There is nothing better than looking for the connection with each other now.”