Sam Long opens a discussion: do you pee yourself during a race?

(Photo: Strava)

“As always, one week out from an Ironman practicing peeing myself.” It may be one of Sam Long’s “secret weapons.” The American triathlete is currently working hard to prepare himself for his upcoming race at Ironman Tulsa. After seeing the battle between him and Canada’s Lionel Sanders a few weeks ago at Ironman 70.3 St. George, the expectations are high. And, when you give it your all in search of a great performance, you don’t have time for things like making a toilet-stop. That’s why Long prepares himself for that. He is open about it on Strava, which has resulted in many (funny) comments.

“I still can’t do it on the run,” Matt Jackson responds on Long’s Strava upload. David Philips also seems to have trouble letting it “flow,” because he has a special request for Long’s next vlog. “Sounds like we need a YouTube video tutorial on peeing while running,” he writes with a smiling emoticon. Adam Hopson, on the other hand, has no trouble peeing while running, but still needs to pause for a toilet-stop while on the bike. “I can’t do it on the bike. I can pee all day while running, but I have to stop on the bike; for whatever reason, it is impossible on the bike for me.”

Andrew Dabson doesn’t even take a break for such things while riding indoors, he jokes: “Need to show this to my wife. I don’t understand why she gets all upset when I pee on my trainer rides.” 

After reading all these comments, Corbin Douds now thinks that it’s completely normal to pee your pants during a triathlon. “Training for my first Ironman, I will keep this in mind guys. For some reason I imagined you stop at the porta potties, clearly I am a rookie.” 

It’s not risk-free though, “Coach Marks” says: “Some girl got disqualified at Ironman 70.3 world champs in South Africa for peeing on the bike.” 

“I peed on the bike for the first time a couple of years ago, and I was so proud of myself that I posted it on Facebook and people were mortified. When you got to go, you got to go…,” James Tucker responded. 

Antoine Marcade has no problem with peeing himself, but just wants to know where all the cameras are at: “Sam, can you give some strategy on when/where in a course you plan doing this with all the cameras? I am just an amateur without a camera on me, but I managed to have some very embarrassing situations doing the thing. Anyway this is probably worth it, I have managed to save 2 minutes in T2 on the same event with that strategy.”