Lucy Charles gets ready for WTCS Leeds: “Nothing like throwing myself in the deep end” [VIDEO]

(Photo: Lucy Charles YouTube Screenshot)

“Basically the situation with short-course racing was at the beginning of this year I was contacted by the British Triathlon Federation about potentially doing some short-course racing. They knew very early on in my triathlon journey that I had expressed some interest. So they were following up on that, saying they thought I maybe had some potential, and asking if I wanted to do some short-course racing.” The answer was clear. “Absolutely,” long-distance superstar Lucy Charles said. The British athlete will “throw herself in the deep end,” she says and toe the line of one of the biggest short-course races there is: the World Triathlon Championship Series in Leeds, which take place this weekend.

In the video below, Charles talks about her preparation for this special event. What does the rest of her 2021 calendar look like, and how do you make sure you can handle the quick and fast racing of a WTCS event? She fills us in: